Sunday, May 24, 2009

What's Happening...

There are a few things going on or about to be that I'd like to share with y'all! =D First up...

Project Girlsense hosted by none other than our GUPS winner, Moose! This fabulous competition is going on now at Girls United...sign ups are closed, but you can still follow this awesome comp! Lots of contestants sure to submit some awesome designs. Each week the girls are given an assignment with certain requirements and restrictions they have to follow (i.e use ONLY button decos). Makes it fun and challenging...won't you come and watch!? While you are there, check out all the other exciting things happening on the forum!

  • The forum's 1st birthday is coming up quick! Won't you join us on June 12th for fun games, prizes and mini contests, plus a huge chat party! See you there!
  • The Forum Academy is starting back up! Visit Miss Katy's Fashion class, or maybe try your hand in Nail Art in Miss Style's classroom.
  • Post your Girlsense Fashions for everyone to see!! There is a section on the forum where every user gets their very own thread to post THEIR fashions only! Post your designs, receive comments, gain exposure!
Those are just a few of the fun things to do on Girls United!

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Well the countdown is on! My 14 year old leaves in just 8 days to Tennessee for a month! Gaaaaah it's brutal! xD I will miss her so much. A few days after she leaves I am going to join my husband in Dallas! Woohoo! He has a convention but we will have the evenings and a day after convention finishes up! I have never been to Dallas, so if any of y'all know of fun stuff to do there, comment!! I'm looking for ideas! I will have my trusty laptop with me, so hopefully will not be outta touch! Wi-Fi at the hotel for a mandatory 10 stinking bucks a day....ROBBERY! hahahaha, but at least I will be on the information superhighway known as the "Net"...

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  1. I'm following you to! :D Bloging is so fuN! :D

  2. wow you have quite a following on your forum this is awesome!!! awww about your daughter leaving, I'm sad for you :( but wish you a fun trip in Dallas! SMOOCHES!

  3. Thanks for the link to my class Speedy! xD