Thursday, May 14, 2009

GUPS Week 6 Results

I just realized that I totally forgot last weeks results! WHAT?! And it determined our semi-finalists. Forgive me? lol Please please please check out all the detailed critiques and entries on BB's Blog!!

Mini Challenge Winner: Moose

FANTASTIC!! The colors are just amazing!!

MAIN CHALLENGE: Take a ordinary art picture and make it your own extraordinary creation! Winner was Marla!

I was so in love with the mystery surrounding this set! She did an amazing job!
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And sadly there had to be an elimination....Duckie made some awesome sets!! She will be missed! Some of my fave sets of hers throughout this competition:

Please show your support to these awesome artists by clicking on their names above!

So moving on to the semi-finals are: Bri, Sparkle, Moose and Marla. These ladies have worked very hard to make it this far and I can't wait to see what they give us in the semi-finals! Head over to Girls United and BB's Blog to watch how this awesome contest plays out!

The semi-final challenge has the ladies pairing up for a high fashion set! Oooooh the possibilities!

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