Sunday, May 24, 2009


GUPS wrapped up this week. Now, I know, I know, I missed a couple of updates, the GOOD news is that, if you follow BB's Blog (which you should), then you are all caught up, if not, please head over there and check it out!

I WILL feature the winner though...who was it? Marla? The wonderful set designer who steadily made her way to the top with her consistent improvement and her beautiful and soft sets . Or was it Moose? The fabulous art set designer who wowed us throughout the competition with her excellent attention to detail and her awesome ability to layer. I have to say that as a judge, it was soooo tough to judge the finale, cuz the gals just worked so hard and showed why they were there! So get on with it Speedy, I get it xD....The winner.....MOOSE! (ŊŐ.ΓЄĢΓЄŤς) Check out her awesome feature on BB's Blog!! Now please enjoy my favorite sets of hers. Visit her PV profile and fave and comment these competition winning sets!


^^I know this set did not matter directly in her winning the competition as it was a bonus challenge, BUT I just adored it!!! The colors and theme are just sooooo awesome!!

SUNSTAR MANDALA Pictures, Images and Photos

And of course I must feature some of her other sets not relating to GUPS. I was a fan before and see for yourself why! Enjoy!

^^FABULOUS title!

You can't help but stare! Visit her y' won't be disappointed!

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