Saturday, November 28, 2009


Wow, can y'all say forever? lol I've been away for awhile and have been tied up in mad real life stuff. Someone very close to me passed away recently, and needless to say, it was tough. It still is. BUT I am starting to return to normal, whatever that may be, soo...

I'm UPDATING my boutique! :D :D Finally, I know..I still owe a contest prize to handbaghailey. She was the winner of Project Girlsense: Season 1 on Girls United, the girlsense forum. She worked hard on all the challenges and created these beautiful outfits week after week. So please watch for her winning fashions appearing in my boutique very soon!

Next catch up item is FASHION and OUTFIT of the week! Although I love the ones that are up, they have been up for-eva!! So I'll be on the hunt for new ones. If you have someone you would like to suggest, please comment here, PM me on Girls United, Polyvore or Runway Vixens and of course Girlsense. My username is, as always, Stylechix19!♥

Please do me a favor and visit fresno559, angelinamc and mamabee. They are great designers and more importantly, awesome people.

Stay tru y'all♥