Wednesday, May 6, 2009

GUPS Week 5 Results

I know I know, I'm soooo need to point it out! At least I'm only 1 week behind this time! xD Week 6 results will prolly be out tomorrow, so I'll just post Week 5 Results for now. As always please check out all the in-depth critiques on BB's Blog.

Week 5 had the contestants picking one item from each column in this set:

They were allowed to choose whichever item they liked, but they had to grab at least one from each column. The winner for week 5 was DUCKIE!! Her awesome Kodak set had us posing for the camera. She really picked the right items to fit together! Check it out!

GUPS Challenge #5
GUPS Challenge #5 by DuckeeNay featuring Bottega Veneta tote bags

And of course sadly there had to be an elimination. At this stage in the competition, it is incredibly difficult to say goodbye to anyone. All of them are very talented. But sadly, this week it was Britta. My fave set of hers for this competition:

I just found it perfect and I loved it instantly!! I would also like to point out another of Britta's sets that I just adored!

It is so creative and I really love the idea of the painter/artist! Bravo!

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So please please check out these and all the contestants entries and critiques on BB's Blog! And if you would like to keep up with all the info and potentially be a contestant on upcoming Polyvore and Girlsense contests, please visit GIRLS UNITED!! An awesome, fun forum originally created to hang out and talk about Girlsense, but has grown into so much more of a community!! Won't you join us? We would love to have you! ♥

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