Thursday, April 29, 2010


Hi everyone...have been totally slacking on the posts lately but I could not wait to tell you once again about one of my most faves sites on the net! Runway Vixens

If you haven't been there yet, you must I say! LOL They are a modern dolly dress up site. You have a couple mannequins to start, you dress 'em up and send them out on the runways to battle other deliciously clad vixens!! FUN! And battles are judged by YOU! Yep, you get a say in who wins!! Will you pick the lovely flower princess or is your style more the edgy rocker?? You decide!

Just click on the link below to see my full blog feature:

And right now, for a limited time, new members receive 500,000 dinero, 500 diamonds and 3 onyx!!! This is HUGE people!!

What isn't featured in my original post, is the addition of a new feature called iDesign. The owners have outdone themselves with this little gem. It allows you to create your OWN DESIGNS on any photo editing program (Paint, Photoshop, Gimp, etc) and then upload them to use on your own dolly or SELL them to other members! Brilliant!

You can totally sign up and play for FREE, but they have memberships for as little as 5 bucks!!! So what do you have to lose? Head on over and see what all the buzz is about...I guarantee you won't be disappointed!

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Wow, can y'all say forever? lol I've been away for awhile and have been tied up in mad real life stuff. Someone very close to me passed away recently, and needless to say, it was tough. It still is. BUT I am starting to return to normal, whatever that may be, soo...

I'm UPDATING my boutique! :D :D Finally, I know..I still owe a contest prize to handbaghailey. She was the winner of Project Girlsense: Season 1 on Girls United, the girlsense forum. She worked hard on all the challenges and created these beautiful outfits week after week. So please watch for her winning fashions appearing in my boutique very soon!

Next catch up item is FASHION and OUTFIT of the week! Although I love the ones that are up, they have been up for-eva!! So I'll be on the hunt for new ones. If you have someone you would like to suggest, please comment here, PM me on Girls United, Polyvore or Runway Vixens and of course Girlsense. My username is, as always, Stylechix19!♥

Please do me a favor and visit fresno559, angelinamc and mamabee. They are great designers and more importantly, awesome people.

Stay tru y'all♥

Friday, October 16, 2009


Runway Vixens is having a party all weekend celebrating their one year on the web!!! There's games and prizes...chats and FUN. Everyone is welcome, won't you join us?? If you are still unfamiliar with the site, click HERE!! I pinky swear promise you WILL NOT be disappointed! Dress your dolly for the festivities, make new friends and maybe see some old ones. Whatever the case, you are guaranteed to have a blast! See you on the RUNWAYS!!


Monday, September 21, 2009

Saying Goodbye to Summer

My gals went back to school on August 17th but I know most other gals started more recently. September 22nd marks the end of summer and the beginning of fall. Time just seems to fly by. Already the holidays are fast approaching. I will be 10 times more busy than I am now, which, believe me, seems near impossible! LOL But what fun is life, if not busy? =]

GUPS will be starting up at Girls United again pretty soon. Won't you come over and follow? If you are not familiar with it, it's a Polyvore Set creation contest. Each week the contestants are given specific criteria they must use in creating their set, and each week the contestant with the lowest score is eliminated :( The last designer the WINNER! It's always a lot of fun and since last season I was a judge, I decided to try my hand at contestant this time around. It's gonna be tough as there are some really incredible set designers out there! So please stop by and cheer me on! =]

Have you tried out yet?? Please click HERE and scroll down, to get an idea about what this amazing site offers. The people there are amazing and it's a fun, friendly, dress-up your dolly fashion site. Please come visit me there! My user, as always is StyleChix19♥

You all are amazing for reading and once again I apologize for my sparatic posts...I am trying harder :D Thanks for reading!

Stay tru y'all♥

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Hi y'all! WOW what a crazy mad world my life has been these past few weeks. A little personal to talk about, but FINALLY starting to come back to earth! =D I am waaaay behind on EVERYTHING and am working hard to catch up. If you have sent me notes on Girlsense or messages on Polyvore, please be patient my friends, I WILL respond, I promise!

GUPS is starting back up and this go around I am going to try and be a CONTESTANT! *gulp* I am a little nervous as there are some AMAZING Polyvore designers who will be entering! I shall do my best. Follow it all here and over at Girls United. Check out my POLYVORE PROFILE here and cheer me on! I'll post here as soon as the first challenge is up! Wish me luck!

I want to say a quick thank you to all my online friends who have offered their support and encouragement in this crazy time in my life. Things are coming around and life is getting a little easier. I am SO GRATEFUL to everyone who reads and follows, it makes it all worth it!

Stay Tru y'all!♥