Monday, March 23, 2009

This & That

ugh it's approaching midnight and once again here I am...having to get up in a matter of hours, feeling like I drank a pot of coffee ( I don't even drink coffee by the way) least Leno is on!

We ate at China Star awhile ago and my fortune cookie popped out one of the truest statements I've ever heard in my life. Of course my husband didn't quite agree....poor dude, you can't fight the cosmic rightness of a fortune cookie fortune! xD It read:

"Don't accept that others know better than you."

Whoop!! I have been telling my kids that for YEARS! And now I have confirmation! *smugness* LOL Btw look to see if you have a China Star Buffet near is THE best! If you don't....well bummer to be you =(...just sayin'

I stumbled across this awesome site from a user on Polyvore with the same name. If you were familiar with Dollwar, it is similar, but much more friendly and the staff is just phenomonal!! Dress up your "vixen" and hit the runways! Get your friends to join and battle them in fashion! Earn dinero (money) and diamonds to expand your wardrobe, buy a house and even a car! Great site, check it out!

What's "IN" for Spring of '09?

We revisit the 1970's and 1980's this season. That's right flashback... Spring promises a jump back with romper jumpsuits and hotpants. Bold bri
ght colors of red, orange, yellow and greens! Metallics and sequins abound! Sheer fabrics for your softer needs. Bows, polka-dots, and scarf belts...and yes folks, maybe a shoulder pad or two! Embellish with huge sunglasses and chunky're sure to look like you just walked off a New York runway!

wow an hour gone just from! An hour closer to catching some ZZZ's..xD lol Y'all are awesome for reading!

Fact: A person will eat an average of 8 spider legs in their lifetime.

uuuhhhh...what the....???


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