Monday, March 30, 2009

Snowbirds & Boyfriends

ugh...totally no disrespect to anybody who is in any way related, associated, or one themselves...a SNOWBIRD. I live in the desert as most of you know....and Arizona is known for it's gorgeous weather, so during the colder months our population GROWS because those people who live in colder climates will come here to live for a few big deal right? no... really BIG DEAL...the very worst part, and I suppose you can't appreciate it unless you drive...but the worst part is the TRAFFIC, ugh...weekends...normally "un-busy" days on the roads...but nooooooooooo, not here in's like rush hour! It takes twice as long to get errands done. I love to drive, but absolutely hate traffic! O.o BUT it is approaching April and therefore warmer temperatures, therefore leaving snowbirds! *rejoices* sorry y'all, I couldn't hold it in! xD


My Teenager's first boyfriend....'s her first one, she's 14 and I'm totally freaking out...xD I am giving her her space and trying to not seem so over protective, but it's not going so well. She goes to high school next year and that's a whole new Talk Show O.O...I can deal, I can hang....I just barely like it, lol He's cute though and plays sports and gets good grades, so how can I complain!? The day she wants to go on her first date, I might pass out y'all...I'm just sayin'...

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