Monday, March 23, 2009

Girlsense Wants To Interview Me???

So I get an email awhile back from Girlsense asking me if I would be interested in being interviewed...hmmm, lemme think...uhhhh, yeah! LOL...Here is the original email (upper left). I am completely flattered and honored that GS would think of me. After I received the original email, I eventually got the "question" email (lower right), and I responded! =]

These are my responses:


  1. What do you think about the 'look' of the site? I think the overall look of the site is very good. The look is fun and fresh. I think that it might be a tiny bit "young" but your main demographic is probably younger, so it fits. I originally saw my daughter and niece on the FDS "cutting" clothes and I said, "What is that?" and the rest is history, I was hooked! =] The layout enables users to see everything in the area they are "playing" in, all in one place. The toolbar at the top allows you to navigate to just about any activity on the site, with the exception of the FDS. Overall, the look of the site is inviting and fun, the colors are bold and bright. From just the homepage, it definitely makes you, as a new user, want to "come in" and see what more the site offers. I think the adverts sometimes will throw girls off and some of them take forever to load thus slowing down the entire page, BUT you offer this site for free and it's a very small price to pay to wait a few extra seconds for the ads. Overall on a scale of 1-10, the look and "feel" of the site is a 9 for me!

  1. What do you do when you come to GirlSense? I probably don't take advantage of EVERYTHING the site offers, but my first LOVE with GS is the DESIGNING. The new FDS is just phenomenal! I love to read my notes and comments and then return the favor. I renovate about once a month. I adore the Babble feature and I use it often. You guys have recently made some much needed improvements to this feature, so thank you! I steer clear of the Market Place. When it was first launched it was incredible! But now people abuse what it is intended for so much, that I just stay away. Finally, I of course love to SHOP! The essence of GS, in my opinion, is the designing and then buying and selling....when I first started it was about buying low and selling high, just like a real business, but in my almost two years on the site, it has become so much more than that. Everyday I am amazed and speechless at the creations I find! And although I am a 32-year old mom of two, I have met some of the most amazing girls on this site and wouldn't trade it for anything.

  1. Have you sent any of the things you've made on GirlSense to your friends? If no, why not? I'm going to assume that you mean through the "share" feature. I haven't using that feature. What I like to do after creating a fashion, especially in the new FDS, is take a screen shot and save it in my files. It is then a clear, large picture of the fashion. After you save something, the details don't show up quite as well, and my fashions are usually incredibly detailed and I like people to be able to see that, so taking a screen shot and then sending/posting it that way is just better. So yes I have definitely shared things I have made on GS to friends and such, just not through the share feature!

  1. Have you ever invited any of your friends to join GirlSense or to visit your boutique? If no, why not? YES!! lol I have desperately tried to get my sister and two of my girlfriends to join, but alas they have not! BUT I have "recruited" several people from POLYVORE.COM to stop in and try it out...even if someone is not interested in the entire aspect of the site, there is so much to do to show your creative side, that people are bound to find something that interests them!

  1. As an older member, are there any other activities/features/options you'd like to see on GirlSense? Well to be honest you guys have really really done an excellent job with the activities that are included on the site. I might suggest a better ID Card or Profile page. I realize this is tricky because you don't want to allow the opportunity to share sensitive information, but maybe it could be implemented in a way that would allow you to share hobbies/interests, things about yourself and maybe a picture but not birthday, location or email. I don't know if that is possible, but would definitely be welcomed by the GS community. I also think it would be cool if you could "buy" a space on the home page to display just one fashion. So say I pay 500 gcents to get the fashion of my choice, cycled through on the homepage for like an hour or so with others who have paid the same price. Finally, being able to BLOCK a member from commenting on your page or buying your fashions. I know this is an "ugly" feature. But as I'm sure you are aware, there are girls who like to "harrass" other members for seemingly no reason at all. I myself get harrassed all the time by people who are mad that I won't price stuff, or mad that I have a lot of views. It doesn't bother me in the least, I just delete and ignore, but I am an adult! Some of the younger girls on the site, don't take it quite as well, so being able to BLOCK certain users, may give them peace of mind and convince them that it will be ok if they stay! I have seen some fabulous, responsible GS designers quit because they are being harrassed....sad!

  1. Please add any other ideas or suggestions you might have for the site: Oh a minute? hahaha, these are just features/options that I know I would welcome and many have been discussed on the forum and you may have already been presented some of them!

-Allow fashions to be priced together. In other words, say I make a dress, shoes, purse and jewelry, that all go together as one ensemble. Allowing us to "group" it and price it together as a package price would prevent that beautiful outfit from being broken apart and sold seperately.

-Allow fashions to be priced for a specific username. A lot of girls are in different time zones and even different continents, it's hard to be on to the exact minute of each other....SO, it would be nice to have a feature like this. Girls could do customs and then just price it immediately with the comfort of knowing that only the person it is intended for, can purchase it!

-The ability to SAVE a fashion as a draft and come back to it later. Sometimes it will literally take me hours to complete just one piece (I'm picky so maybe not the best example) and I would LOVE to be able to save it and come back later. I can guarantee you that you would see some amazing creations if people were potentially given days to complete something. I'm sure Michealangelo needed a break or two while painting the Sistine Chapel, no? ;) I realize with over 14 million members that it could get quite "crowded" with people saving hundreds of drafts all the time...the "space" needed would be tremendous I'm sure...BUT allow users only 5 drafts at a time, or even just 1 or 2!! Even that would be a very welcomed addition!

-FDS CLONE TOOL - Please please please!! lol An invaluable tool I assure you. The new color system with stamps is a WONDERFUL start, now you can match colors. I would like to see the color matching available for ALL decos though, not just stamps. But being able to just click "CLONE" and then have the deco, whether it be stamp, button or bow, on your cursor ready to color matching, no size matching, not rotation matching....omg it would make things so much easier! lol, do I sound desperate?? ;)

-UNDO in the FDS - just being able to undo the very last thing you did to a fashion. Sometimes I accidently delete a cut that I have done and then have to make the tedious cuts again, bleh! lol

-A list of word stamps. In the FDS it would be nice to have some pre-approved word stamps. Like: the, and, love, dream, I, design, style, you, etc. Just like the Logo stamps.

-Revamp the MarketPlace. I think being able to put something for auction for like a week, or something and then leave it to be bid on, more of a format like eBay or something similar would be better. It doesn't mean you have to eliminate the current "live" auctions, just give the user the ability to choose which format they would like to use. I LOVE auctions, I just don't like the MarketPlace.

-CHAIN decos - gold chain, silver chain, steel any kind of "link" that will allow us to make chains. Currently we have no "metal" links of any kind.

Whew! Ok that's all I can think of. I would like to point out that GirlSense, in my opinion, is a up-to-date and fun site for girls of ALL ages. And the fact that you offer it all FREE is just amazing! Nothing is perfect, so there is always room for improvement, as mentioned above, but overall, the big picture....GirlSense is a safe environment to create, have fun and make friends! KUDOS! I appreciate and am honored to be asked to participate in this questionnaire, so THANK YOU!

StyleChix19, 32

They never mentioned to me not to say anything about the interview, so I am assuming it is ok, to share! If not, I apologize GS, but you peeps gotta warn a gal if that was the case! I hope they listen to some of my suggestions as they have been talked about for awhile on Girls United! :D


  1. Awesome, Speedy!!! I totally agree with everything you wrote

  2. omg, Speedy. That's way awesome. And that you gave them so many fabulous ideas. You're amazing. But I'm sure you know that already. Congrats on the interview! That's great. :D

  3. OMG..Speedy that's so awesome!! i hope they do all those things!

  4. WoW that would be awesome if they do all those things you mentioned. that's exactly what a lot of us want. That would make the game more enjoyable:) angelinamc

  5. AWESOME ideas!! I have to say the market place is growing on me. I'd love a place kind of set up like ebay!1