Monday, March 23, 2009

Current Running Competitions

GUPS:Girls United Polyvore Star

BB is hosting the first ever GUPS Competition. Standing for Girls United Polyvore Star! An awesome contest that is sure to thrill! I have the honor of judging and I will update as we go. Don't forget to check out BB's Blog for a more in-depth look at this awesome competition. Each week, the lowest scoring contestant will be eliminated until we are down to just one...the Girls United Polyvore Star! Be sure to check it out! If you aren't a member of Girls United, what are you waiting for?? Sign up HERE! You can sign up for the competition through hurry hurry! =D

My Girlsense Contest:

Well underway. We have our top ten and are awaiting Thursday's deadline for all the design entries. Then I have the painful task of judging the awesome entries. 1st Place gets 50,000 gcents, 2nd Place gets 20,000 gcents and 3rd Place will have a choice of 5,000 gcents or a GS custom by me, their choice! :D I'll post the entries and eventually the winner here. So keep checking!

Project Polyvore: Cycle 3

ducktape will eventually be starting Cycle 3 of this awesome competition. More updates coming soon!

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