Thursday, June 11, 2009


LOL I know, jeez....but finally I am ready to post! There is so much work BEFORE you go on vacation and then so much work AFTER you get back, just trying to groove back into normal routines! xD But I have finally unpacked everything and cleaned house, put away luggage, threw out bad produce and the list goes on and on!

So I had the amazing opportunity to go with my husband to the 2009 Husqvarna Viking convention. And although he had technical training for all the days, we were able to see the resort in all it's glory, at night. I'm a simple folk y'all, so I was dazzled! Enjoy the pics!

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Front Entrance of the hotel, it was near impossible to get the whole thing in the shot! lol It was MASSIVE!!

The theme of this resort is an ATRIUM. The whole inside of the resort area is created to look and feel like you are outside! And they did...other than the air conditioning, you couldn't even tell. There are plants and small creeks EVERYWHERE inside! lol

SEE!? lol, the pictures do not do it justice, y'all! Remember ALL of those are from inside the hotel! This last pic is of the ceiling! And now you can see why it seems outside. The entire roof is made of glass and it allows the Texas sun to shine through...just gorgeous!
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These next photos are of the various artworks/sculptures that they show throughout the entire resort area. My fave is "Rose", isn't she gawr-geous?! =D


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So there you have it! Some of the many pics from my trip! We visited the Dallas World Aquarium as well, but I'll save those pics for another post, another time! I did have a blast and would go again in a second BUT it's good to be home!

Stay Tru y'all♥


  1. glad your back, but I still miss you! LOL I am too dazzled easily & those pix are AMAZING honey, sounds like you had a great deal of fun! XOXO thanks for the nice sweet comments & bday wishes luv ya!

  2. Oooh! That looks amazing. Wish I could LIVE there. haha. xD

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