Monday, June 29, 2009

The Beautiful and Talented Lavenderlady07

Hi Y'all! Hope everyone is enjoying their summer! I know I am and my daughter comes home in like T-minus 16 hours! xD I am beyond excited. For those that don't know, my 14 year old has been visiting her BFF in Tennessee (1600 miles away) since June 2nd! Gaaaah how did I survive?!? LOL but she will be landing at 5:45 tomorrow and I hope I don't embarrass myself! ;o) She better not have any tattoos! hahahaha

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I wanted to mention a wonderful and talented Girlsenser and brilliant set designer on Polyvore! Lavenderlady07. Very intelligent, friendly and always thoughtful gal! Won't you please do me a favor by visiting her? She made this beautiful set for the Mods and BB on Girls United. Isn't it lovely?! Thank you Lavvy!Hug Smiley Pictures, Images and Photos

To: The fabulous and amazing admin and mods of Girls United. ;) (BB, Katy, Speedy, Moose, Angie, Lizzy, and CD)
This is a early..errr (very) late bday gift to y'all. ;)
Thank you all for everything. You all are very talented and special people. Thank you for inviting me to be part of a fabulous team. Thank you for teaching me the tricks of the trade when I first joined. And thank you for making this forum a much more lively and welcoming and wonderful place! I love you all!
Girls United celebrated it's 1st birthday on June 12, 2009. Celebrations have been delayed due to busy schedules, but we're working things.

DIVIDERS Pictures, Images and Photos

Check out a few of her other awesome sets!:

DIVIDERS Pictures, Images and Photos

mmhmmm, told ya! ;)

Stay true y'all!♥

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  1. WOW you must be excited to have oyour daughter back! how've ya been stranger? hope all is weel with you! I sent you some rain on my blog :) come check it out when your not busy being FABULOUS! XOXO