Saturday, April 18, 2009


lol hello y'all...gosh it's been awhile...a really, REALLY crazy week. School is winding down for my gals and there always seems to be TONS to do! Well I did it...I bought the plane ticket for my 14 year old to visit her best friend in Tennessee. That is like 1600 miles y'all. She stayed with her Grandma down the street for a couple days one time and that is it!
SMILEY Shocked Pictures, Images and PhotosSMILEY Shocked Pictures, Images and PhotosSMILEY Shocked Pictures, Images and PhotosSMILEY Shocked Pictures, Images and PhotosSMILEY Shocked Pictures, Images and Photos
But she's going and she's going to be gone for 28 days...I am excited for her to have the opportunity but I am madly nervous! xD

GUPS (Girls United Polyvore Star)

gaaaah I am two weeks behind! I will give you a quick update, but you can find ALL of the judges critiques and results from all the past weeks on BB's BLOG!

First up...Week 3 Results!

Mini Challenge winner: [Weakness.In.Her.Eyes] (Sparkle) - Very cool "tiny" set! Just beautiful!

Main Challenge - Change it UP - Challenged the gals to take an layout/style away from their "norm". But couldn't tell. Britta's winning set, was neat, beautiful and just perfectly put together. The outfit was so adorable! Check it out!

Sadly there had to be an elimination and the wonderfully talented and always nice Lemon (Peace♥Lemon ) scored the lowest and was eliminated. Her sets are very gorgeous and you should definitely check out her work! We'll miss you Lemon! My fave set of the competition from her:

GUPS Week 4 Results:

So this week's mini challenge had the gals creating a fashion set using ONLY three primary colors and WOW once again...they didn't disappoint! The week's mini challenge winner was Marla (♥Marla.(:)

^^isn't that just fantastic? BRAVO!

Week 4's MAIN Challenge had our lovely ladies creating an ART Collage! Beautiful! This week's winner was Bri Bri Bri.

Bri's set was just so lovely and adorable. She really grasped the idea of a collage becoming art! Very well put together! KUDOS!

.....and now.....dum de dum dummmm....the Elimination...somebody had to go and sadly, this week it was swimmer550 . We will miss her!!! My fave set from her was her Love just really said "love" to me!♥

So there you have it...all caught up on G.U.P.S (Girls United Polyvore Star) Remember to visit BB's BLOG to get all the judges critique and see all of these beautiful entries. Please click on any of the contestants names above to visit them and see all their work! Support your favorite at Girls United, an awesome Girlsense Forum and more! Don't miss the excitement of this awesome competition!


Ok I must do a feature on this brilliant artist....if you haven't heard of her will! On Girlsense she is Prinzess27! Please please please do yourself a favor and CHECK HER OUT! Her artistic ability is just amazing!

Do you see what I mean? Just jaw-dropping and yes folks, that IS her boutique in the first pic. Her talent cannot be denied! Visit her HERE! You won't be dissapointed!

So my younger daughter's homework was to write some of her own Limericks which are a kind of humorous verse of five lines, in which the first, second, and fifth lines (8 syllables each) rhyme with each other, and the third and fourth lines (5 syllables each), which are shorter, rhyme with each other. I decided to look some up cuz it was soooo fun helping her write them. Here are a couple cute ones!

There was a young lady from Cork,
Whose pop made a fortune in pork,
He bought for his daughter,
A tutor who taught her,
To balance green peas on her fork!

There was an old fellow named Gene,
Who grew so abnormally lean,
So flat and compressed,
that his back touched his chest,
and sideways he couldn't be seen!

LOL, I just thought they were so funny! Enjoy!

Ok that's it for tonight, I think. I PROMISE I am working on Faboo* (Click Here) feature with an interview with the host herself...Katy♥....I have just been mad busy this week, but I will get it up soon. So until next time...I just wanna thank all who come to read this stuff! I know it's wicked scrolling! xD It's appreciated more than you know!

Stay true y'all♥


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