Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Busy Little Bee...

gaaah it's been frantic and busy this week! It always gets like this as the school year winds down. My gals get out of school for summer on May 21, which I think is pretty early compared to the rest of y'all. Anyway, it gets really crazy with end-of-school banquets, activities, concerts, etc. So I find myself with less and less time....well at least I don't sleep, so that adds extra hours to my days! xD

My oldest daughter had one of her last track meets today before Divisionals. She was doing her 100 meter sprint and was nearing the finish line in second, when....she stumbled! O.O...she didn't fall, but lost her stride and came in 4th. =( I told her that I was proud that she didn't stop running just cuz she made a mistake, she recovered and kept running to the finish. That, to me, shows determination. Yes she was upset with herself and yes she was embarrassed, but she didn't give up and finished the race. That is something to be proud of....and I definitely was!

All mistakes you make in life are needed..they teach you, they mold you. It is not a person's mistakes that makes them memorable, it's what they learn from them.

A Few Things...

You may not have known about me...
  • I have two daughters, 14 and 10.
  • I drive a white Jeep Commander
  • I am a mad gum chewer
  • I have a odd phobia of garden gnomes

I'm working on a Faboo* feature and a feature on Girlsense Sales...so check back soon. In the meantime, please enjoy this lame joke:

A little old Irishman gets pulled over by a policeman, who says,

"Sir? Do you realize your wife fell out of the car about a mile back?"

The old fella in relief, replied, "Oh, thank goodness!! I thought I'd gone deaf!"

Stay true, y'all!♥

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