Sunday, July 5, 2009

Oh My Feature!

I put up a poll on Girlsense, to ask the users what is the ONE feature they would want to see on Girlsense first??

I must confess that I want ALL of that! LOL but realistically, if Girlsense could only do one or even two if we're nice, which ones would I want? Well I desperately want to be able to price fashions for a specific user. There are girls from around the WORLD and it's sometimes near impossible to price something and hope that others don't buy it first =D....having said that, I think I would appreciate a Save for Later feature first and a clone tool second. Sometimes it takes a very very very long time for me to make something, and being able to save and come back, would make it all the more sweeter! Also the clone tool!! Sometimes you need to move a deco that you have already placed, well now you have lost your shape, your rotation, your color, everything on that deco style and now you have to try and replicate it! FRUSTRATING to say the least! xD

Girlsense is constantly updating and all the new and past stuff we have is just GREAT! I can't tell you how much I love the new FDS compared...the possibilites are endless if you let them be! ;o) But wouldn't these features be the icing? I think so!

On a side note, there is one other feature that I left off the poll as I thought these above were more important. Girlsense introduced the Outfits feature! BRILLIANT! Just one more creative outlet, but how about if we could PRICE that outfit as ONE. In other words, I make an outfit, (dress, shoes, purse, hair, etc.) and I wanna price the whole group for 500 gcents....then a buyer can come along and get the outfit as one! :D It's so sad to see a beautifully created outfit split up between buyers! :( Pricing OUTFITS, would fix this, but so would being able to price for a specific user! ;o) (hint hint Girlsense)

So tell me what you think? Let's vote and let Girlsense know what we think! After all we are the ones that play, right? :D


  1. i really like the save till' later idea but the outfit pricing idk about that i mean what if i don't want to buy the whole outfit just one item? then what? ;)

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  3. i voted for save a fashion for later ahah ;D